Beauty Mask
Beauty Mask 4 colors
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BiBi Photoelectron Beauty Mask 光電子口罩 [261]

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* 立體設計,突顯面頰線條
* 吸濕性強、柔滑、肌觸感舒適
* 耳繩伸縮柔順,易於調節,且附有調節扣減輕耳背壓迫感
白色、米色、酒紅色、黑色~ 4色一套

Beauty masks have become the new normal in life. This product covers the cheeks with a soft material to add a layer of beauty to the use of anti-epidemic masks (with antibacterial, anti-epidemic, deodorant functions).
Three-dimensional design, highlighting the cheek line
Strong hygroscopicity, smooth and comfortable to the touch
The ear rope is flexible and flexible, easy to adjust, and there is an adjustable buckle to reduce the pressure on the back of the ear
This item is not a mask that completely prevents infection.
*It is not a processed product for the purpose of treating virus or antibacterial and anti-epidemic.
White, Beige, Bordeaux, Black 4-pieces in a set.