Introduction 簡介

Grant E One's 是一間崇尚美學與科技的企業,企業發展來自「一蓮托生」的佛學理念,亦即重視人脈關係的發展,從而成就衆生。


Panasonic & Grant E One's
共同研發出專利物料,以光電子® (Photoelectron®) 纖維應用於功能內衣

香港總代理 LaLa Charm Co. Ltd.。

本公司零售及批發香港獨家專門經銷保健及美容產品 - 國際抗老化再生科技協會推薦之產品。所有產品均是採用優質的天然成份,擁有卓越抗老化及年輕化功能,讓用戶能充滿自信地展現個人健康美麗的風彩。


Grant E One's is an enterprise advocating aesthetics and technology. The development of the enterprise comes from the Buddhist philosophy of "One Lotus Tuosheng", that is, attaching importance to the development of personal connections, so as to achieve all living beings.

In order to implement his professional requirements and corporate responsibilities, the founder, 稻井田章治San, has adopted high-tech and computerized management systems for the entire operation process from design, cutting, sewing, testing, warehousing, and transportation, which can be described as meticulous.

Panasonic & Grant E One's
Jointly developed a patented material to use Photoelectron® (Photoelectron®) fiber for functional underwear
Place of Origin-Fukui Prefecture, Japan

The general agent of LaLa Charm Co. Ltd. in Hong Kong.

The company retails and wholesales Hong Kong's exclusive distribution of health and beauty products-products recommended by the International Anti-aging Regeneration Technology Association. All products are made of high-quality natural ingredients, with excellent anti-aging and rejuvenation functions, allowing users to confidently show their personal health and beauty.

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