AP Fiber® AP纖維(專利號3306790)

AP纖維®  通過特殊的配方和機理注入電氣石,並且可以在不使用電的情況下連續釋放處於靜態的負離子。負離子消除了我們環境中的有害氣味,並恢復了自然空氣(空間)的力量,營造了輕鬆的氛圍。由於其保溫性能,它也用於床上用品等。

※1- 保持青春
※2- 除臭和抗菌作用


AP Fiber®   (Patent No. 3306790)
Tourmaline is used in many industries and has a variety of functions, such as negative ion generation, far-infrared radiation, and deodorization.
AP fiber is infused with tourmaline using a special formulation and mechanism and can continuously release negative ions in a static state without using electricity. Negative ions remove unwanted smells from our environment and restore the power of natural air (space), creating a relaxing atmosphere.
It is also used in futons due to its heat-retaining properties. 

※1- Preserve youthfulness (Keeps youth)
※2- Deodorizing and antibacterial effect