BiBi Grant® 系列中使用的材料即使長時間出汗也能保持皮膚乾燥!

Technofine®  具有出色的芯吸特性,不會將吸收的汗水返回到皮膚表面。它的快乾特性可防止令人不快的粘膩或悶熱現象,使您保持乾爽舒適的衣服。它還具有光滑的質地,高彈性並適合身體的運動,使您感到輕巧舒適。


Technofine®    (V59C611 of Asahi Kasei)

The material used in BiBi Grant® series keeps skin dry even when you sweat a lot!

Technofine®   is high-tech material with excellent wicking properties and does not return the sweat it absorbs back to the skin’s surface. Its fast-drying properties prevent unpleasant stickiness or stuffiness, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable in your clothes. It also has a smooth texture, high elasticity and fits the body’s movement, making it feel light and comfortable to wear.