Kodenshi® (Photoelectron®) 光電子

Kodenshi® 注入了高純度遠紅外陶瓷以及特殊的精細陶瓷。 它吸收人體熱量並散發遠紅外線,從而保留熱量。 與其他增加的能源產生的紅外線輻射不同,它不使用人體熱量以外的任何熱源,從而使其成為一種安全且有吸引力的保溫織物。 它還可以控製衣服內部的溫度和濕度,從而使皮膚呼吸。 這種高性能的材料全年為您提供舒適感。



Kodenshi®  (Photoelectron®)

Kodenshi® is infused with high-purity far-infrared ceramics as well as special fine ceramics. It absorbs body heat and radiates far-infrared radiation, thereby retaining heat. Unlike infrared radiation generated from other sources of added energy, it does not use any sources of heat other than body heat, making it a safe and attractive heat retention fabric. It also controls the temperature and humidity inside your clothes, allowing your skin to breathe. 
This high-performance material offers comfort all year round.

*Keeps your body warm
It radiates far-infrared radiation even stronger than that radiated by your body, giving it a strong heat retention effect.

*Comfortable even when you sweat
It reduces humidity caused by perspiration, maintaining a comfortable level of humidity.  It creates a comfortable environment underneath your clothing by reducing the feeling of stuffiness.