Hormee® Cream 天然能量按摩乳霜

Hormee® Cream 天然能量按摩乳霜 [508]

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修復肌膚, 促進新陳代謝,细胞再生還原、合成、復生;使细胞健全成長, 活化组織细胞,促進酵素生成;使细胞活化,塗抹身體有按摩效果,暢通淋巴, 復原健康體型, 去除體内毒素, 恢復平衡體積,增强免疫力及细胞再生能力。



The main ingredients come from Japanese natural hot spring minerals and can be used on the face and body.

It can be used on the face and body to repair the skin, promote metabolism, cell regeneration, synthesis and recovery; to make cells healthy and grow, revitalize tissue cells and promote enzyme production; to revitalize cells, massage the body, smooth lymphatic flow, restore healthy body shape, remove toxins from the body, restore balance, enhance immunity and cell regeneration.

It can be used as a full body massage cream, gently massaging along the blood and lymphatic flow, or applied to the face to help remove facial edema, tighten the skin, repair skin cells and improve texture. It can be easily applied by anyone to repair and firm the skin.