Hair Treatment 護髮素

HIKARUKO Treatment 護髮素 [403] - 500ml

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 成分: 主要有神經酰胺AP、神經酰胺EOP、植物鞘氨醇、甘油

Created from the inside of the hair strand, focusing on the mutuality between shampooing and conditioning to lead to a thorough hairdressing effect.
It restores elasticity while repairing damaged hair, especially damage caused by hair dryers.
Provides a moisturizing (emollient) effect on a dry scalp.

Strictly selected ingredients can effectively cleanse the oily hair and scalp, leaving the hair fresh.

Ingredients: mainly ceramide AP, ceramide EOP, phytosphingosine, glycerin
※Ceramide has both hydrophilic and lipophilic structural properties, so it can form a
     bilayer lipid structure, maintain the integrity of the skin barrier function and prevent
     the loss of water through the skin, increase water retention and moisturizing ability.
※Glycerin is a natural endogenous moisturizing agent in the stratum corneum. Glycerin
    for skin hydration, skin cell renewal, and oil balance plays an important role.