Skincare -Make UV
Skin Make UV [335]
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Skin Make UV [335]

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重量: 25g each

Beauty and regained self-confidence.
A netting that covers the skin and prevents the pores from breathing.
A moisturizing film of sebum and water for efficient protection against UV rays.
A single colour for a clear complexion, or a thicker colour for a more pigmented effect.
A beauty product that does not flake off easily but removers easily.
How to use:
* Shake the bottle gently after cleansing, take an adzuki bean-like amount on the palm
  or fingertips, and then tap on the desired area, pat and apply gently,
*This product has a phenomenon of separation, but it does not affect the quality of the product.
01: Translucent 透肌 ~ Corresponds to the lips to enhance transparency. Degrees for
02: Vegan skin 素肌~ All skin tones
03: Glowing Skin 艷肌~ Enhances skin tone and conceals blemishes.